Psycological traumas


When we are born into a safe and protective family, we can become who we are meant to be. If the mother or the father is traumatized, we have to give up our own self in order to belong.


The child has no protection against those who cannot protect it.

We have to adapt, even if we through this adaptation give up our integrity.


When this happens, we will live our life out of survival and not from our own healthy impulses. Without integrity our inner life dies. By this we lose contact with the more delicate states of our being.


In this workshop you can make a turn from survival and come into contact with your own healthy impulses. You can start to open your heart, and get in contact with your own authentic emotions. You can start to understand and start to get out of your own psycological traumas.


The child’s symbiotic need for closeness to the mother can lead to a Symbiotic trauma for the child. By this we are not able to distinguish between emotions and thoughts taken over from the mother, and our own authentic emotions. We can end up in a state of self-pity, with victim attitudes, complaining and accusing, and not in self-compassion and care for ourselves.


We keep our own psycological traumas alive by being loyal to others rather than to ourselves.


In this workshop you will learn what psycological traumas are. You will start to learn what happens with yourself when you are suffering from a symbiotic trauma or an Identity trauma. And you will be able to take your first steps out of the trauma and towards yourself.




This work is also avaliable as individual work.

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